...and then there's only LOVE

ATTOL’s gift to the playa for the past 10 years, the famous Orgy Dome, needs your help.
Help fund the expansion of the Orgy Dome so more couples & moresomes will have the room for a life changing playa experience.

We did it!

Thanks to you we reached our goal and Black Rock City will have a bigger  Orgy Dome! We can't thank you enough for helping us.




Bigger is Better | Be a part of something BIG and donate to the Orgy Dome Expansion.

Our 24/7 Air Conditioned Orgy Dome is open to adult couples and moresomes looking for a safe place to love. We estimate that over 5,000 people used our dome during Burning Man last year - and for the first time ever we were FULL. Not one more inch of space was available some nights, with couples waiting for others to leave the dome so they could fit inside.


The Playa is a wonderful place where people have life changing experiences.  For many people our Dome is one of them.  Many couples leave the Orgy Dome asking us where they can go to experience something similar.  We are proud of what we offer the residents of Black Rock City.


Due to increased popularity, we have been slowley growing and improving our dome over the last three years.  But with the record numbers last year we wanted to celebreate our 10 years on the playa with our largest Orgy Dome Expansion to date. Our camp pooled our resources together but we were still short $2,500 so we decided to go to Kickstarter to ask for that little extra help.


Our Kickstarter project to expand the dome was denied. We are officially too edgy for Kickstarter.


Fear not, we are moving forward, ready to give out all the rewards as planned. But without Kickstarters crowd, we need all of our friends to step up, spread the word, and help out. By working together we can reach our goals and build a bigger and better Dome to meet the growing demand of Black Rock City.


Now we move forward and turn directly to you.  Please watch our video created by our camp founder Jennifer Steele and see what we would like to do. Every dollar donated counts!  And every penny we receive will go into making the Dome even better for 2013 and years to come. Our ever growing popularity and the smiles and thank you's we get is the fuel that keep us at ATTOL coming back year after year.


All couples and moresomes who are adults, 18 or over, are welcome in the Dome - strait, lesbian, gay, bi, polyamorous and monogamous.


Music by HPS Regan. Narration by ATTOL camp founder Jennifer Steele.

Thanks to our friends at Burners.Me 
Their investigative reporting reveals the truth and uncovers "The Ins and Outs of Organizating an Orgy"

Thank you.  We value your support.

- Shade & Lefty

Please donate today and spread the word.